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Export Marketing resources is a blog of exporters’ resources for export marketing information. It’s aim is to provide an export marketing knowledgebase to global exporters and suppliers to facilitate their export promotion activities from using email marketing tool to access global buyers and importers, to closing the orders and effecting shipment.

It covers various export marketing topics such as export marketing & tips, email marketing & tips, trade fairs & exhibitions, export market resources, export terms & practices, and SEO friendly export marketing web design, etc.

We hope this export marketing resources for exporters can be helpful and welcome to your suggestion for improvement.


Email Marketing & Tips

Email marketing is an effective direct export marketing methods to promote to global buyers & importers. Email marketing & tips is to provide tips and guidelines for the successful email marketing campaign from targeting the right prospects, writing effective email letters, landing page optimization, to the subsequent follow-up and improvement, etc…

Export Marketing & Tips

Export marketing & tips is to provide various online and offline export marketing methods & tips to promote to international importers & buyers. They cover e-marketing promotion, search engine marketing (search engine optimization SEO & Google Adwords pay-per-click ad), email marketing, direct mail, tele-marketing, exhibition marketing, internet marketing, and promotion to B2B trade lead site, etc…


Trade Fairs & Exhibitions


Trade Fairs & Exhibitions is to a collection of global trade shows and exhibitions for different industries. Exhibition marketing is an important export marketing strategy to promote to international importers & buyers. It is vital for the exporters to select the right trade fairs to attend. Our export marketing & tips will provide some tips for the trade show promotion, etc…

Export Terms & Practices


Export Terms & Practices is the exporter’s knowledgebase to introduce the export glossary covering international payment terms (e.g. L/C, D/P, D/A, O/A, etc.) , incoterms, export practices & procedures, export terms and lattest export knowledges and information. It is helpful to the exporters to fully understand the export processes from export marketing to final shipment and payment, etc..

Export Market Resources


Export market Resources is to provide various export market profile and industry information to facilitate the global exporters to promote to the international importers & buyers. For the best export marketing effect, exporters required to set a proper export marketing mix and strategies based on the target export market information and allocate their marketing resources, etc…


Web Marketing


Web Marketing is a key to the export marketing success whatever export marketing strategies you use. For effective promotion to international buyers & importers, it is vital to set up an SEO friendly Website for your export business. This section will provide tips to build an effective export marketing website and its construction, etc…

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