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Fundamentals of Conversion Optimization for Export Marketing Web Design

If you want to convert passive visitors of your export marketing website to active customers, you need to understand your need for conversion optimization. Once your website is optimized for your visitors, they will be more engaged in your contents, and possibly buy what you are selling.


What is Conversion Rate Optimization?


Conversion Rate Optimization or CRO is the strategy of using feedback and web analytics to enhance the performance of your export website. In other words, it is turning cursory visitors to active and buying customers. It is a system that you can use to improve your website’s metrics that are important to your export business’ success. Continue reading

Using Web Psychology for Online Persuasion for Export Marketing Website

You really can’t tell what makes people stay with your website and what makes them skip it in just a few seconds of browsing. There are many hidden psychological influences that influence them to do this.


Importance of Using Web Psychology


If you want to succeed in export marketing, you need to understand web psychology for online persuasion. Knowing or not knowing how important web psychology is to your export business will spell your success or doom on the internet. Continue reading

How Web Usability Improves Website Traffic for Export Marketing

Website usability is basically defined as the ease and convenience by which visitors are able to use a web site. You need to understand the concepts related to how web usability improves website traffic for export marketing website if you want to make a mark on the internet.


The Nature of Website Usability


Website usability is not just making all the elements in the website working properly. It is more of how fast and how easy your visitors can easily access and use all the things contained in your website. Continue reading

The Mobile Marketing Trend is Here to Stay

If you’re still wondering if it’s necessary to have a mobile friendly version of your website, chances are the competition has already left you behind. The fact is, the idea of websites having a “desktop and mobile” site has been replaced with, “is the desktop still necessary?” The answer is yes, but there’s no question mobile is more important for marketing. Continue reading

Common Mistakes You Can Avoid When Tapping Social Media Marketing in Business

Using social media marketing in business can extend your capacity to reach potential customers by several fold. If done right, you can convert many of these potential customers into actual customers. If not done right, then you’ve squandered a very valuable opportunity for promoting your brand. Some common mistakes that you can avoid when using social media marketing for your business are: Continue reading

Tips for Creating Content for Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

To optimize your social media marketing in business campaign, you need to craft content that can generate the proverbial buzz. Particularly if you’re into export marketing, you must create content with enough driving power that people will happily share and tweet repeatedly about until it goes viral around the globe. Continue reading

Some Helpful Do’s and Don’ts for Social Media Marketing in Business

For export marketing and most other types of business, it is essential to make social media marketing an integral part of an overall marketing and promotions program. For those particularly doing eCommerce, chances are that their customers, existing as well as potential, are also all active users of Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkeIn and/or other of the known free social networking platforms. Thus, for a business to succeed, it is important to keep in mind some basic rules for interacting with other people while on the social media platforms. Here are some basic do’s and don’ts from industry experts you may want to consider: Continue reading

Social Media Optimization Tips for More Effective Export Marketing

For an export marketing business, knowing and using the right social media optimization (SMO) strategies can spell the difference between having spent your time wisely on the Internet, or having just wasted it. As with search engine optimization (SEO), SMO is meant mainly to build up a good online reputation for your brand. As with SEO, it is basically aimed at getting more web visibility, connecting with your target market audience, generating leads, and otherwise making your business presence known and accessible. Here are three basic tips from industry experts on how you can optimize your social media marketing campaign for your export business: Continue reading

Export Marketing: Is Social Media Marketing Beneficial for You?

As with most most other types of business, export marketing too can derive benefits from the proper use of social media marketing. With the advent of the Internet, you don’t have to physically cross oceans and travel over vast distances to find potential customers. Now, you can just sign up with Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or any of the other well-known social media sites to look and vet for your target prospects all around the globe.  Continue reading

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